Event Detail

Morning Hype Campaign 18th February 2017

We are pleased to update that KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital will be collaborating with Pfizer to organized Morning Hype Campaign for year 2017 to embarked on the importance of Blood Pressure Tracking and Sugar Monitoring

Morning Hype?
An educational campaign to create awareness that morning BP surge can lead to stroke. It is also important to always check your BP correctly in the mornings and to go for treatment that offers the best 24-hour BP control.

Why Hype?
Derived from hypertension, the name ‘The Morning Hype’ is positioned to highlight morning surge and the link between hypertension and stroke. It also reflects the fun and exciting series of activities that follow the launch campaign
Activities Outlined

  • Complimentary Health Check ( Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Glucose and Cholesterol Check)  & Consultation by our trained nurses and Wellness Doctor
  • 4D Virtual Reality by Pfizer