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About Dr. Choo Wai Sun

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Choo Wai Sun graduated with Distinction from International Medical University in 2002 and was awarded the John Bosco Gold Medalist award for being the top student of the year. He obtained his postgraduate qualification MRCP from UK in 2006 and gazetted by the Ministry of Health as Internal Medicine Physician in 2008. He entered into Cardiology training at Penang General Hospital and at the same time worked as a Lecturer at the Penang Medical College from 2008-2011 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2011. He is registered with the Malaysia National Specialist Register as certified Cardiologist and General Physician. He is a diagnostic and intervention cardiologist registered in Malaysia and primarily works full time in Seremban. He is also a specialist in general medicine.

Dr. Choo Wai Sun has active interest in medical and cardiology researches. He has also won numerous local and international awards on his work.

He has also obtained Fellowship in National Heart Association Malaysia, Asian Pacific Society of International Cardiology and American College of Cardiology.

Working Experiences:

2012 - Present – Consultant Physician and Cardiologist at KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital

2011-2012 - Consultant Physician & Cardiologist - Hospital Mawar, Seremban

2008-2011 - Senior Lecturer & Cardiologist - Dept of Medicine, Penang Medical College, Penang

2010 – Fellowship in Cardiac Imaging in National University Heart Centre, Singapore and University Birmingham, UK

2008 – Fellowship training in cardiology department Hospital Pulau Pinang

2006 – Obtained Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (MRCP) postgraduate qualification from the UK

2002 – Graduated with a Medical Degree from International Medical University (IMU) with Distinction and John Bosco Gold Medal Award


Education and Fellowship:


FACC (US), Fellowship in Cardiac Imaging (UK, Singapore)

Specialty Interests:

Physician & Cardiologist

Research and Publications:

Please also visit my personal blog: HERE

Below is a list of his past and current works with includes peer reviewed international and national medical journals and medical talks at international and national conferences.

1) Choo WS, Badusha AKB, Tan BK, A rare complication of percutaneuous coronary artery intervention. Heart Asia. 2010;2:130-132  See link.

2) Leong WS, Khor CK,  Choo WS , Giant Atrial Myxoma in young lady extending into right ventricular outflow tract – surgically excised. Asean Heart Journal. 2011 July. Volume 19(2). See link

3)  Tay EL, Seow SC, Choo WS Successful transcather bioprosthetic heart valve paravalvular leak closure: the role of 3-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography. Annals of Academy of Medicine Singapore. 2011 March;40(3):145-6  See link.

4) Choo WS, Foo S, Tan E, Acute stroke patients with high BMI are less likely to have severe disability at initial presentation. Medical Journal of Malaysia. 2009 March;64(1):34-6    See link.

5) Choo WS. An adult patient with congenital heart disease. Malaysian Family Physician. 2010. Volume 5 (3). See link.

6) Choo WS, Goh TH, Accuracy of ECG detection of non-viable myocardium comparing with cardiac MR-late gadolinium enhancement as gold standard. 2010. National Heart Association of Malaysia. Medical Journal of Malaysia e-abstract. See link.

7) Rahal Yusoff, Goh TH, Choo WS. Echo Session. Real cases scanning and interpretation at Penang General Hospital. Multimodality Cardiac Imaging in cardiovascular disease symposium and pre-symposium hands on. 22-24th October 2010. See link.

8) Choo WS. Echo assessement of valvular heart disease. Multimodality Cardiac Imaging in cardiovascular disease symposium and pre-symposium hands on. 22-24th October 2010.

9) Khor GT, Choo WS. Congenital heart disease. Case based study.  Multimodality Cardiac Imaging in cardiovascular disease symposium and pre-symposium hands on. 22-24th October 2010.

10) Ma SK, Choo WS, Lim CY, Predictors of left main coronary artery stenosis in resting 12 lead Electrocardiography. 2010. National Heart Association of Malaysia. Medical Journal of Malaysia e-abstract.  See link.


Professional Memberships:

Academy of Medicine (AM)

Fellowship National Heart Association Malaysia (FNHAM)

Fellowship in Asian Pacific Society of International Cardiology (FAPSIC)

Fellowship in  American College of Cardiology (FACC)



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